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The focus of this LifeDesk is a group of mollusks called sea slugs that comprise the “traditional” subclass Opisthobranchia, placed within gastropods (phylum Mollusca), a group that exhibits a wide range of body forms, from shell-bearing species, externally similar to caenogastropods, to highly derived shell-less slugs. The loss of the shell is correlated with the evolution of many additional external structures that are present in this peculiar and interesting group, such as cerata, sensory tentacles, and rhinophores. These structures serve a variety of sensory, defensive, and respiratory functions.

In the eOpisthobranchia LifeDesk you can share images, edit and maintain their classification, maintain bibliographic resources, among other activities. If you would like to participate and if you have a favorite taxon that you would like to contribute, please contact to Nestor Ardila (nestorardila@ecomar.com.co, nestor.ardila.e@gmail.com) to help you get started.

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